These Are The Top Attractions in Every Country

With data from TripAdvisor, Vouchercloud has put together a cool infographic showcasing a map of the top tourist attractions of every country in the world.

You can see the world map in the photo below, just click it to zoom in and check your country’s top attraction and have a look at your next destination or places you’ve always been fantasizing about visiting.

You’ll find some of the results rather surprising, like for example Harry Potter Studio Tour beating Big Ben in UK and Musee d’Orsay taking the first place in France, in front of Tour Eiffel.

The map is neatly created, splitting the results in 4 categories, Historic, Natural, Religious and Tourist attractions.

These Are The Top Tourist Attractions in Every Country Map
These are the top Tourist attractions in every country – world map
The top attractions in Americas
The top attractions in Americas
These Are The Top Attractions in Asia and Australia
The top attractions in Asia and Australia
These are the top attractions in europe
These are the top attractions in europe
  1. Gorky Central Park is in Moscow. I think it’s important for an educated person to know that Ukraine and Russia are two different countries. Especially since there’s currently a war between them.

    1. There’s a Gorky Park in Ukraine as well. Maxim Gorky Central Park for Culture and Recreation in Kharkiv city, the second largest city in Ukraine.

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