How And Why Get To The World’s Longest Inflatable Waterslide

The world’s longest inflatable waterslide will be installed near Sydney, in January 2017. If you’re ready for the best slip-n-slide fun you can ever have, here’s how to get your tickets.

It might be winter here in the Northern Hemisphere and we’re all getting ready for Christmas by the chimney, but on the other side of the planet, Australians are celebrating summer with the longest inflatable waterslide in the world.

Not one, but actually 3 of the largest water slides on the planet await you.

Slideapalooza is a weekend festival filled with giant waterslides, fitness, music, food and lots of fun. Not one, but actually 3 of the largest water slides on the planet await you. Yeap, this thing will be massive, so book your tickets now as the show starts January 27, 2017.

The event takes place at Calais Estate, in Hunter Vallery, one of Australia’s best wine regions, roughly 170km (105 miles) away from Sydney.

The longest slide is 400 meters (1300 feet) long

If you’re not seeing things clearly, let me recap: Immensely fun festival in the Australian countryside with huge water slides, music, food, perfect (summer) weather, near Sydney. – Yeap, it’s the perfect time to visit Australia, so pack your bags and just go!

Slideapalooza world longest waterslide

Slideapalooza world longest waterslide festival

this is the worlds longest waterslide.jpg

Slideapalooza water slide

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