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Julien Malland’s Street Art Brings Life To Soulless Buildings

By Alex Moretti


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Born in Paris in 1972, Julien “Seth” Malland is a French artist traveling the world and creating playful street art wherever he goes.

He took the nickname “Seth” when he began to paint on the walls of Paris in the early-90s, exploding his graffiti movement. Specializing in character production, Seth played a key role in the realization of numerous large murals throughout Europe.

Seth GlobePainter street art in Tahiti
Seth GlobePainter street art in Tahiti

Malland graduated in 2000 from the National School of Decorative Arts, France, and went ahead to publish his first book “Kapital” (bestselling graffiti book today) that same year. He has also featured in Wasted Talent – the first graffiti artist monographs series. In 2003, he started his global journey with the intention to share his artistic experiences with other street artists from different cultures.

Today, Seth’s mission seems to have borne more fruits than he was even expecting. He has since become an important global figure in the art industry because of his brilliant paintings that have managed to bring life to boring buildings around the world. In collaboration with other artists, Seth has managed to come up with some really beautiful, dynamic and so colorful art works. He’s trying to “give back life to dead buildings” in various countries around the world.

Seth Globepainter Indonesia street art
Seth Globepainter Indonesia street art

Julien Malland may be described as the “Jack Of All Trades”, multifaceted artist, whose work feeds eternal travellers experiences, his love for popular culture as well as his social concerns. Among the countries that he has left behind some amazing paint works include; Vietnam, Indonesia, Senegal, China, Mexico, Cambodia and Indonesia.

The last three years of his “globe-painting” are documented in “Extramuros” – his newest book. While you await your copy to arrive, it is important to critically understand what Seth’s painting work has in store for us. How can street art improve your city/town? Graffiti is one of the best ways through which old cities can earn back their smiles.

Large mural on building by Julien Malland
Large mural on building by Julien Malland

Some people tend to believe that graffiti is indeed a sign of criminal disorder. Well, this is a notion that should be quickly erased in our minds if are to really make the world a better place for all. If graffiti work is done appropriately and legally done by skilled individuals like Seth, it could even end up being a boon to the economies of cities.

At some point, some street art and graffiti are greatly contributing to gentrification and increase in the appeal of some neighborhoods. Investing in street art and building painting is also one of the best ways to help reduce litter in neighborhoods.

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