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This Inflatable Hoodie is the Perfect Travel Companion

By Alex Moretti


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If you’re a frequent or even occasional traveler, then you probably know the importance of a good night’s sleep.

Unfortunately, sleeping on the go isn’t always easy. Uncomfortable sleeping arrangements, long traveling hours, and jet lag can all keep you from getting in some zzzz’s.

To really enjoy your trip, you do need to get enough rest each night. If you’re constantly tired, you’ll have low energy and not enjoy the trip as much. There aren’t a lot of good options though which is why it’s still a problem. The key to getting a good night’s sleep is having the right gear on hand. One of the handiest new products available for the traveler is something called the travel hoodie.

Hypnos slee hoodie in action
Hypnos slee hoodie in action

What exactly is a travel hoodie? It’s a basic hoodie with one small twist- it inflates to turn into a pillow. The pillow is easily inflatable and located in the hood. Simply blow it up while wearing your sleep hoodie and you’ll be all set for a nap.

Designed by Josh Woodle, someone who struggled with traveling well-rested for years, the hoodie quickly gained steam and funding on Kickstarter. It’s probably the best tool you can carry with you on the go. Since you’ll probably already be wearing or carrying a hoodie, why not bring one that really pulls its own weight?

This hoodie comes in three colors and either fitted or relaxed styles. You can deflate the hood and wear like a normal jacket. When needed, it easily inflates for naps or even longer sleeping. Some travelers leave their pillow behind and just use their hoodie instead. It’s a great solution when space is limited. You can also use it if you need to get in a quick power nap.

If you like comfy hoodies and struggle with sleeping on the go, then you should check out this hypnos hoodie. It’s a small cost to pay for being well rested!

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Hypnos slee hoodie 6

Hypnos slee hoodie 9

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