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ApexKnit Tech Fabric Backpack By Herschel Supply

By David Gauthier


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Herschel Supply is a Canadian accessories manufacturer, well known for their always in fashion products, such as backpacks, bags and other types of carryables.

Only that, this time, they have actually outdid themselves. They put their ingenious minds to work and developed to perfection the all-new ApexKnit™. What is it? It’s a combination made from certain textiles widely used and recognized in the footwear industry. It’s special because it’s so resilient and lightweight, always dependable and has all the ingredients needed to make a classic happen.

The Herschel’s collection making use of ApexKnit™ is inside the minimalist range, taking the simple yet consistent and sleek philosophy of design they already put into practice so many times before, one step above, to the next level.

Initially, in February 2016, two backpacks and a pouch were released and all became sold out by the end of the first day. They are all very nicely looking and are among the greatest utility based companions someone who travels a lot can have. In the future, we should expect collaborations, more models and designs.

You can have it for $199

on HerschelSupply.com

The development of ApexKnit™ took something around two years, more or less. It was a process where a lot of experimenting with new materials, concepts and ideas was done, but the final result speaks for itself. The quality is irreproachable. It is a high-density knit, a cured jacquard, creating strong materials preventing the passage of time to rend the items useless. They drew inspiration from the jacquard fabrics the footwear industry uses and ventured to take the most out of it, but in their own unique way.

After they found the right manufacturer to collaborate with, it was just a question of time. It is their first trademarked fabric, giving them edge in an industry seeking more and more personalized solutions. So, stay tuned, there’s a lot more to come from them and these guys don’t look like they want to stop too soon.


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