Sleep Under the Stars in the Transparent Bubble Tent


If you enjoy nature, you enjoy life.

But spending time in nature can be made in different ways, and in our times, diversity and simplicity are making their way into our lives. One great such example is the transparent bubble tent, an amazing kit for any nature lover. So gift yourself, and your significant other, the possibility of spending one night under the astonishing sky. Inside of it, every moment will count as special. Holleyweb is the company responsible for this inflatable home outside of home. Before getting inside, you have to pass through a small tunnel, like a tunnel, waiting for you to decorate it.

Inside, depending on their size, there is enough room for two people and a cozy atmosphere. A great way to relax at the end of a stressful day. It is four meters long and I expect to hear about people around me ordering it online. The bubble tent is water-proof and fire resistant keeping any unwanted visitor outside, at least how much time they don’t force their way in too much, it’s a bubble tent after all. The biggest inconvenience is the fact that you need it plugged in to a source of electricity during your stay inside, in order to keep it inflated. This could prove to be a real challenge when you find yourself outside a town, but there are lots of ways to solve this issue. I like this bubble tent, it gives me a sense of warmth, like you are always welcome to stay inside. I would try and forget about the world outside, because, although it is not made of steel, I find it very protective. It is, of course, an excellent playground for your kids as well.

It can be yours for $1,555.

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Get your own transparent tent and create your own set of beautiful memories. It’s looking like simple fun, because this is the essence of all the time invested in cultivating your heart and soul.

The transparent tent can be set up anywhere, but take care, it doesn't float.
The transparent tent can be set up anywhere, but take care, it doesn’t float.
Set it up in your own backyard. When it will start snowing, you’ll start sleeping in it for sure.
You can set up tent in the most beautiful places and not miss a thing when you get inside.
Business idea: buy one, set it up in a cool place, list it on airbnb. You're welcome!
Business idea: buy one, set it up in a cool place, list it on airbnb. You’re welcome!
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