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Bended Reality Coffee Table by Mousarris

By Alex Moretti


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We all remember the scene from Inception where Leornardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page are sharing a dream where they are walking on the street and the city of Paris bends and folds itself. This inspired Stelios Mousarris to design a coffee table that brings the dream to reality. The wavy city coffee table is a spectacular piece of furniture that has brought the dream into reality.

This unusual furniture is J shaped where the city is engulfed inside the table. The buildings on the upper side create an illusion to defy gravity facing the upright building inversely. It is an absolute example of skilfully bringing creativity to life in modern furniture design.

The city that is carved on the table has detailed tall structures and illustrated sidewalks. The use of wood and steel creates a perfect edgy illusion. The coffee table piece bends the neatly carved wooden city over itself and the half bent city serves as the table top.

This design is an incredible combination of 3D printing technology, wood and steel. It has a balanced architecture based on surrealism and dreams. The architecture of the table will mesmerize your eyes with the same feeling that you had while watching the movie.

The wavy city coffee table table is visually stunning and is an absolute eye-catcher. This is a table which you cannot resist to stare at and admire, a true masterpiece. It is a limited edition piece and is expected to have a price tag of €5000. Do not miss the chance to bring the dream to reality. You can order it on Mousarris.com

buildings are both right side up, and suspended upside down
carefully carved buildings add a realistic quality to the surreal design object
the table draws reference from a scene from a film, where dreams are controlled by the dreamer
the piece illustrates a sidewalk that seemingly lifts into the air and finally folds back onto itself
mousarris bends reality with wave city coffee table
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