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Carry On Suitcase by Hard Graft

By Alex Moretti


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Hard Graft is a UK-based company specialized in giving life to all the beautiful and special materials they’re using to grant a unique taste of refinement in your life.

They sew together, with great care, vegetable tanned leather, washed leather, wool or cotton canvas. The results are true marks of quality.

We thought to bring you today one accessory you don’t want missing in action when going on a vacation or a business trip, your very own suitcase. Regarding the quality of the product, this leather suitcase delivers. You can rest assured, your clothes will feel the warmth of a protective and nurturing nest. Keep in mind it is made in Italy, and as far as I’m concerned, I can’t think of a better place around the world when it comes to tradition of excellence in tailoring, manufacturing and design.

$1,015 on Hard Graft

A suitcase has to be perfectly created, matched for the personality wearing it and complimenting the style, all while proving indispensable for the main purpose it serves. This is their classic leather carry on suitcase, an amazing piece of fashion and dedication to the customer, and I can easily say, when looking at it, there is something about it. The shape, the touch, the details, they all make me feel like they wanted to deliver a statement to the world.

It looks astonishing, if we are to put it bluntly.

It is, of course, handmade, a classic suitcase for a man of class. A very cool piece, but bear in mind that’s the natural state of affairs when such a leather suitcase is on the horizon. If you want to upgrade your style, give this suitcase by Hard Graft green light and watch it go to work for you. It will not only improve your traveling, but it will make you look always prepared and ready to leave, dynamic and decisive.

Carry On Suitcase. Awesome simplicity
Carry On Suitcase. Awesome simplicity
You can carry it on your sholder
… or just hold it tight
These clothes look happy!
Carefully crafted with attention to details
Also available in Ocean Blue
Also available in Ocean Blue
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