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Villa Luisa on the Amalfi Coast

By Alex Moretti


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Having spent most of my life living in Europe I can tell you there are many reasons why this is the most special place on Earth.

Some say it is not a continent, as it is not divided by any Ocean from the larger, wider and more populated Asian continent. But one reason why this compact space is regarded self-sufficient geographically it’s because of the amazing places you can see, shattered all across.

We have the snowy Alps, the warm-blooded Balkans, the all-so moderate Mediterranean coast in the South, or up in the North, where you can visit the Scandinavian countries, or far west, in the rocky and mountainous Scotland.

Villa Luisa sunbeds with a view
Villa Luisa sunbeds view

But I am not here to sell you the greatness of Europe. That is, indeed, a vast subject, maybe a topic for some other time. Today, I want to make you a proposal: the Amalfi Coast, in Italy, as seen in the special perspective of Villa Luisa, a resort brought to you by Luxury Retreats user on airbnb.com, who specializes in personal villa vacations, a road they began to walk in 1999.

The Coast is a little piece of heaven, found in the Province of Salerno, in Southern Italy, where the food tastes good and love feels even better. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, listed as a cultural landscape. It has a rich history, the weather there is great and the limoncello is the true signature, the liqueur has an amazing, gentle punch for your senses, tickling your tongue. All the reasons to visit there, but where, you might ask. There are too many things to see while you’re there, so let us take care of this question for you. Villa Luisa is the most viable answer for those who want to spend a luxurious time together with their friends and family, enjoying the beauties our mother nature has to offer.

The villa can accommodate 14 people in its seven bedrooms

Located 5km from Maiori, the villa is built on three levels: ground floor, upper floor and basement. After walking a small path in the garden, you are welcomed by the terrace, furnished with sofas, armchairs and a grand table where you can dine at the sunset.

The gorgeous Mediterranean will be your host, making you understand the right choice was made. The villa can accommodate fourteen people in its seven bedrooms, located two on the upper floor, four down the basement and the guest bedroom is located down a flight of stairs from the pool terrace.

Villa Luisa outdoor lounge area 2
Villa Luisa outdoor lounge area 2

All these have bathrooms of their own, with showers. As you’ve figured out, there is a pool, with terrace and sea view. For $2,174 per night, you also get to enjoy a spacious living room which is divided in three open spaces: the dining space, a middle area with a sofa, facing the sea, and one side groomed by a fireplace.

Villa Luisa sunbeds
Villa Luisa sunbeds

No pets are allowed in the resort, but there are plenty of options for you to let them back home, safely. If you need it to employ a business meeting, there is a conference room, shared with The Tower, another villa made available by Luxury Retreats.

It can be yours for $2,174 per night. Book it on airbnb.com

There should be many other reasons for you to go there, like housekeeping or meal-preparation for 6 days a week. But try to see through all of them. There are many, many more, not material, reasons for your soul to savor. Just imagine the breeze, the pastel of the sky at sunset, the luxuriant flora warming your soul. Feel free to enjoy one of the world’s best places to spend a vacation.

Villa Luisa pool
Villa Luisa pool

Just think about it – roughly $2,200 per night – just gather your friends and lay out this plan before their eyes, if you’re 14 buddies, for around $155 each, per night, you can through the party of your dreams. Do let us know how it went!

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