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Feel Like Marco Polo With This Exotic Luxury Cruise

By Alex Moretti


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Imagine how it feels to make a journey to a prestigious destination for a holiday using a super iconic ship. Silolona Sojourns luxury cruise is the perfect thing to try when you want to embark on a trip in search of an exotic holiday destination.

The ships are crafted in a superior way to ensure that all your travel needs are catered for and cover a wide range of destinations in South-east Asia in places like Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia to mention but a few. They also have destinations in China, India, Central Asia, Japan, Australia, Russia and Eastern Europe.

Silolona Sojourns
Silolona Sojourns

When interested in making visits and tours or trying out new getaways, Silolona luxury cruise is the best thing to use to reach your destination. A variety of exceptionally prepared cuisines by executive chefs, high class boarding facilities including the master suite with unmatched features and comfort and the guest suite which has all the features to ensure you enjoy your sleep in a fabulous manner. You can access all kinds of services like massage, hot bath and superior equipped dive facilities all under one roof.

Prices start at $1,235 for the Guest Cabin Suite

The vessel is divided in into five apartments including the cabin suites, a teak lounge, dining space, a deck and a rest room with dive facility. The ships are crafted in a modern technology coined with the traditional crafting from the ancient Indonesian trade ships to give a unique modern travel experience.

Silolona Sojourns Deck
Silolona Sojourns Deck

The journeys are scheduled differently depending on the destination, for instance in Indonesia the sail is from April to November. During the journey you can enjoy several expeditions such as sea kayaks, water skating, wake board just to mention a few. Using the Silolona Sojourn will give you an experience of a lifetime.

Find out more on Silolona.com

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