The Best Travel Gadgets & Gear in 2017

We made room for gadgets in our pockets and bags for they help us in various tasks and improve aspects of our lives. If you want better journeys, here are the best travel gadgets on the market today. The travel gadgets in this article were carefully curated from a list of hundreds …

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ApexKnit Tech Fabric Backpack By Herschel Supply

Herschel Supply is a Canadian accessories manufacturer, well known for their always in fashion products, such as backpacks, bags and other types of carryables. Only that, this time, they have actually outdid themselves. They put their ingenious minds to work and developed to perfection the all-new ApexKnit™. What is it? …

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Sleep Under the Stars in the Transparent Bubble Tent

If you enjoy nature, you enjoy life. But spending time in nature can be made in different ways, and in our times, diversity and simplicity are making their way into our lives. One great such example is the transparent bubble tent, an amazing kit for any nature lover. So gift …

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Not only it carelessly drives through water...

Sherp ATV Steps Up The Off Road Vehicles Game

If you ever wanted to travel to hell and back, but you lacked the machinery to match your ambition, your search is over. Coming straight out of Mother Russia, the SHERP ATV is the most badass truck in the world. It should easily become your traveling companion when you need …

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This incredible design comes with shock-resistant, freeze-resistant, and dust-sealed.

Leica X-U. Your Rugged and Trustworthy Travel Partner

Welcome back to the world of Leica. The German optics and cameras manufacturer has presented Leica X-U, their first rugged underwater camera. One thing we have to admit about Leica is the fact that their lenses are the best. Walking with this in mind, we can understand why having a …

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Carry On Suitcase by Hard Graft

Hard Graft is a UK-based company specialized in giving life to all the beautiful and special materials they’re using to grant a unique taste of refinement in your life. They sew together, with great care, vegetable tanned leather, washed leather, wool or cotton canvas. The results are true marks of …

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Bended Reality Coffee Table by Mousarris

We all remember the scene from Inception where Leornardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page are sharing a dream where they are walking on the street and the city of Paris bends and folds itself. This inspired Stelios Mousarris to design a coffee table that brings the dream to reality. The wavy city …

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Hypnos slee hoodie 4

This Inflatable Hoodie is the Perfect Travel Companion

If you’re a frequent or even occasional traveler, then you probably know the importance of a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, sleeping on the go isn’t always easy. Uncomfortable sleeping arrangements, long traveling hours, and jet lag can all keep you from getting in some zzzz’s. To really enjoy your trip, …

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