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Stunning Short Film Reveals the Hidden Magic of Venice

Shot and directed by Oliver and Nils Astrologo, this short film takes you to a Venice beyond the touristy places to capture its true hidden magic.

The film focuses on the craftsmanship, architecture and residents of Venice. Even though some of the places captured in this video are usually way more crowded, Oliver Astrologo gives you an idea (and what a great one) on when to visit this living museum. Let me decode that for you: it’s not about a specific time of the year, but be one step ahead of the fellow tourists, get up early, and you’ll get to see a Venice only its inhabitants are used to seeing.

oliver astrologo venezia 01

oliver astrologo venezia 02

oliver astrologo venezia 03

oliver astrologo venezia 04

oliver astrologo venezia 05

oliver astrologo venezia 06

oliver astrologo venezia 07

oliver astrologo venezia 08

oliver astrologo venezia 09

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