Negril Jamaica

The Top 20 Most Beautiful Beaches in Jamaica

Jamaica is already commonly referred to as one of the most beautiful places to visit in the entire world and for good reason too. Whether you’re a big fan of their local reggae music, their delicious jerk chicken or of course, their unique Blue Mountain coffee, you’re bound to find …

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Waterfalls in Croatia

20 Breathtaking Waterfalls in Croatia

Without a doubt, Croatia is by far one of the best choices out there for anyone that wishes to spend their vacation the right way. We’re talking incredibly verdant forests, majestic mountains and a ton of downright magical waterfalls everywhere you look. There is so much to visit, so much …

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places to visit in Scotland

These are the 25 Best Places to Visit In Scotland

Scotland is much more than just a place to go for the simple concept of visiting. It is a cultural mausoleum, with history written all over its buildings and a breathtaking landscape that seems to be created by Mother Nature herself. The Earth gave Scotland as a gift to those …

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15 Famous Gladiator Arenas That You Can Still See Today

There is something magical about seeing a place that used to be embalmed in violence and mayhem that is just so downright peachy, wouldn’t you say so too? All jokes aside, getting to see a well-preserved Amphitheatre with your own eyes is quite an experience, one that not many people …

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Kverkfjöll Glacier Cave. Cave in Iceland, Europe

These Are The World’s Most Amazing Caves You Can Visit Today

Our planet is filled with breathtaking places and landscapes, but let’s leave the surface, go underground, and visit the world’s most amazing caves known to man. As we’re still discovering these incredible places right beneath our feet, these are the best caves in the world. So far. Son Doong Cave, …

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Quarter Mile Arc Art Installation Reflecting the Changing Tides

A quarter mile art installation of almost 250 mirrored posts were installed on California’s Laguna Beach coast, reflecting the Pacific Ocean and the colors of the surroundings changing throughout the day. If you’ve been in or around Laguna Beach, California in November you might have been one of the lucky …

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