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This incredible design comes with shock-resistant, freeze-resistant, and dust-sealed.

Leica X-U. Your Rugged and Trustworthy Travel Partner

Welcome back to the world of Leica. The German optics and cameras manufacturer has presented Leica X-U, their first rugged underwater camera. One thing we have to admit about Leica is the fact that their lenses are the best. Walking with this in mind, we…

Wanderful village of Giethoorn

This Wonderful Village Has No Roads, Only Canals

Such a place exists indeed, in the Netherlands, and if you say you never heard of it, your imagination has already been there for sure. It’s called and is one of the most beautiful settlements in Europe, to say the…

Electric-Blue Lava

This Indonesian Volcano Burns Electric-Blue Lava

Frech photographer took these amazing photos of an Indonesian volcano that spouts electric blue lava, without any photo filter or digital enhancement. Olivier Grunewald was shooting a documentary at Indonesia’s Kawah Ijen volcano while he managed to take these incredible…

Mind-Bending Aerial Photos of Instanbul

Turkish photographer and digital artist Aydin Büyüktas is an Ankara native who decided to give the former Ottoman Empire capital a new dimension: the surreal one. The city looks warped in a delightful series of cityscapes all placed in a…


Carry On Suitcase by Hard Graft

Hard Graft is a UK-based company specialized in giving life to all the beautiful and special materials they’re using to grant a unique taste of refinement in your life. They sew together, with great care, vegetable tanned leather, washed leather,…

Villa Luisa Amalfi Coast

Villa Luisa on the Amalfi Coast

Having spent most of my life living in Europe I can tell you there are many reasons why this is the most special place on Earth. Some say it is not a continent, as it is not divided by any…


Feel Like Marco Polo With This Exotic Luxury Cruise

Imagine how it feels to make a journey to a prestigious destination for a holiday using a super iconic ship. Silolona Sojourns luxury cruise is the perfect thing to try when you want to embark on a trip in search of an…

The Mirrorcube during winter

Discover the Spell of Nature at Treehotel, Sweden

There is a song that beautifully explains how we all want to turn back time to the good old days and go back to our childhood where we used to build treehouses and play pretend. Unfortunately, we are just too…


Bended Reality Coffee Table by Mousarris

We all remember the scene from Inception where Leornardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page are sharing a dream where they are walking on the street and the city of Paris bends and folds itself. This inspired Stelios Mousarris to design a…

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