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Mu Cang Chai Rice Terraces in Vietnam

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The mind-blowing beauty and amazing scenery of Mu Cang Chai, a district in Vietnam, is what makes tourists and photographers come back every year. 

Mu Cang Chai is located in the Northern part of Vietnam at 1000 meters above the sea level. Its terraced rice fields hold the most magnificent beauty that the world has to offer. It is one of the few most beautiful and picturesque places on earth.

Rice Terraces

Mu Cang is mainly composed of awe inspiring terraced rice fields that run down the mountainside. When you view the terraced fields from far, it is a wanderlust view of perfect beauty, with very lovely colors that constantly shift and changes with the season.

Not only will the beautiful scenery leave you stunned but also the native people who mostly comprise of the H’Mong and Thai Ethnic group. In this rural Vietnam, the simple way of life of this kind and humble people is very different from the rest of the world.

The unique and rustic lifestyle of this warm hearted H’mong ethnic group together with the environment and scenery is what makes it a destination that remains in tourist’s heart, giving them wonderful memories forever.

The best time to visit Mu Cang Chai

No matter what time of the year you choose to travel here, there will always be amazing scenery to watch, but the best time to visit these beautiful lands is during the grain season.

Best time to visit and enjoy the scenery at its peak point is during grain seson, September to October or May to July

This season usually starts in mid September up to the end of October. However, this changes a bit every year therefore you should contact the hotels there first to confirm with them the rice status. However, you can also visit there from May to July to sight see the beautiful green terraces and feel the prosperity all over the area as the H’mong people start sowing.

How to get to Mu Cang Chai

You can choose to go there either a motor bike or bus. However, motorbike is the best choice as you will be able to make a stop anywhere you feel beautiful like the Pan Tan terraces, Lim Mong valley and the Pha Pass which is the longest pass in Northern Vietnam. Deep down the La Pan Tan trail is a very beautiful place that you can take some very unique and stunning photos.

You can also choose to arrive by a bus, which pursues the HA Noi-Mu Cang route, right from My Dinh and the Giap Bat bus stations. The bus usually departs at 7:30 pm in the evening and arrives at 3 am in the morning.

Where to stay

While In Mu Cang Chang, there is a wide selection of hotels and motels to sleep in. There are even a number of them that have a wi-fi connection, offer breakfast and also lease motorbikes. One of the famous hotels in the area is the Chuyen Dung hotel which is best known for its sticky rice and chicken dish.

If you are thinking of a place to travel in your next vacation, don’t hesitate to go to the Mu Cang Chai district and get to see the thrilling and breathtaking beauty that will remain in you for a lifetime.


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