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The Best Places to Live in Nevada in 2024

By Alex Moretti


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There are plenty of absolutely stunning places to live in the US, but there are very few out there that can really rival the strange contrast offered by Nevada of all places.

In case you didn’t know yet, Nevada is very much so one of the most unique places in the US in that it brings you a very different experience than what we’ve come across while traveling.

Once you start taking in the clear Nevada air you’re welcomed by what appears to be a never-ending desert that spans for longer than our minds can even process, but you’d be mistaken if you thought that this was all that the state has to offer.

The southernmost side of Nevada is its piece de resistance after all, as this is where you will find the lavish, luxurious and never-sleeping Las Vegas. But that’s just a small part of the state’s overall appeal.

Redrock Canyon, Nevada
Redrock Canyon, Nevada / Photo by Joel Protasio / unsplash.com

The more you look, the more you’ll see and as you can tell by now already, the surprises keep on piling up as you will never be able to tell what you will see around the corner next.

With that being said, for today we would like to honor Nevada’s incredible landscape and lifestyle by bringing you our top 20 list of the best places that you could live in while here.

Since your options are so unique on their own, we’ll just direct you towards the ones that we personally saw as the best bang for their buck, but just remember that there are plenty others that are worth looking into on your own.

Regardless, let’s start off our list properly with our first pick of the day, aka:

20. Paradise

20 Best Places to Live in Nevada – Paradise
Photo by Roman Eugeniusz / Wikipedia.org

Currently occupied by well over 226,900 residents, Paradise is basically a neighborhood of Las Vegas, that really lives up to its name by being one of the most incredible places for you to live in The Silver State.

Not only does it feature well over 100 public schools in total, but it also is one of the few places on this planet that is known to actually pave the way for the children’s futures through their exemplary A-rating standards that they’ve made for themselves.

On top of all of that, living here is also very affordable as the rent will not be getting all that much more expensive than $872 and if you do want to buy a house, you’re definitely going to find plenty of affordable options for you to pick from.

19. Pahrump

20 Best Places to Live in Nevada – Pahrump
Photo by logopop / Wikipedia.org

If you are looking for a very unique place to live in Nevada then look no further than Pahrump, because this place really ticks off every requirement you may have had before to say the least.

There are less than 50,000 people currently living here but these numbers are definitely on the rise lately, especially so considering the freedom that the residents here have due to them having to deal with a rather small government that rarely if ever actually interferes with their lives.

Besides that, Pahrump also offers you a plethora of notable outdoor activities that you can take part in, including plenty of weekly off-roading and motorsports events and we can’t forget about the incredible Death Valley rounds that will get your blood pumping to say the least.

18. Verdi

20 Best Places to Live in Nevada – Verdi
Photo by Ken Lund / Wikipedia.org

Verdi is definitely worth your attention and that’s mostly due to the fact that it was recently rated by Niche.com as the second-best suburb for you to live in if you want to raise a family in a safe and healthy environment.

While it is a relatively small town, it also features one of the best public schools your child could get into and considering just how safe of a place this is, it shouldn’t come off as a surprise that more and more Nevadan families have started to move to Verdi just to take advantage of this.

The typical house here will cost you around $549,000 and while it does have a very small population of around 1,450 people as far as we know, they all swear by the fact that Verdi is definitely worth the investment.

17. Sun Valley

20 Best Places to Live in Nevada – Sun Valley

You can find Sun Valley in the beautiful Washoe County, and considering its relatively small population of just under 20,000 people, this place actually surprises a lot of people with just how many job opportunities there are here to begin with.

If you look at the fact that the typical income here is of around $44,013 and knowing that buying a house is as affordable as $99,700, it’s pretty easy to see why so many people have started to look into moving in here for the past couple of years now.

The job opportunities are the best part though as there are just so many options for you to choose from that it becomes practically impossible for you to not be able to find a decent income as soon as you move in.

16. Las Vegas

20 Best Places to Live in Nevada – Las Vegas
Photo by Carol M. Highsmith / Wikipedia.org

We are definitely going to rustle a few feathers here by placing Las Vegas so low on our list, but you do need to keep in mind that just because this is so low on here that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth considering.

This place is an absolute treat to live in, especially due to its incredibly diverse population of 605,000 people alongside its median household income of $50,200 per year.

These two, together with the fact that you can easily assure your rent to be somewhere around $975, make this one of the best cities to live in while in the US for sure.

15. Carson City

20 Best Places to Live in Nevada – Carson City
Photo by Scott Schrantz / Wikipedia.org

You definitely heard of Carson City before, especially when you realize that this is actually the capital of Nevada to begin with.

It got its name from the famous American frontiersman known as Kit Carson, but even if you don’t care about its vast history, you can still really appreciate the wild west aesthetic that it’s got going on.

On top of this being a very mountainous area it also features a plethora of amenities and activities that you can take part in, including golf, quite a handful of restaurants and a lot of different railbike tours that are organized by the people in charge every couple of weeks here.

14. Mesquite

20 Best Places to Live in Nevada – Mesquite
Photo by City of Mesquite, Nevada / Facebook.com

The charming city of Mesquite has been on pretty much everyone’s “must-visit” list from the moment that they decided to go to Nevada and for good reason too.

It is commonly referred to as the best place to go to if you want to retire and live out the rest of your life in peace. It offers you pretty much everything you could ever ask for and more from a place like this, including plenty of casinos, spas, parks and any sort of outdoor recreational activities you’d ever want.

You can also visit the Cathedral Gorge while here and let’s not forget about the jaw-dropping Bryce Canyon National Park either.

13. Sparks

20 Best Places to Live in Nevada – Sparks
Photo by City of Sparks, Nevada Government / Facebook.com

Sparks is the perfect place to live in if you want to get that suburban feel while also taking in all of the urban amenities you could ever ask for.

There are a ton of different restaurants here that are sure to give you the proper catering you deserve and while you are here you need to check out the bars as well as there are just too many for us to list off here that are worth your time and money.

If you’re more so interested in a family-oriented site to live in though you’ll be happy to hear that Sparks is also the home for some of the most highly rated schools in the state, and on top of that you also get to take advantage of the very stable housing market around that’s attracted so many people over the years.

12. Spanish Springs

20 Best Places to Live in Nevada – Spanish Springs
Photo by Lumina At Spanish Springs / Facebook.com

With a total population of around 15,789 people, Spanish Springs is a very good option if you want to move into a smaller city that really doesn’t hold back in the slightest as far as offering a high quality of life to its residents is concerned.

What separates it from most other cities in the US is the fact that the average household here makes as much as $78,604 every year and on top of that, the houses here are very affordable, going for as low as $248,000 for the most part.

11. Kingsbury

20 Best Places to Live in Nevada – Kingsbury
Photo by Kingsbury GID / Facebook.com

This right here may very well be one of the most affluent areas that you can move into while in Nevada, and that’s no exaggeration either.

While the median household income is slightly above what we’ve come to expect from the national average, coming in at around $64,000, you can definitely expect your life here to be on the upper end simply due to how egregious the median house prices really are here.

While you can still get your hands on a good house for less than $400,000, most of your options here will be of around $800,000 to $1million which is why it’s not all that much higher on our list.

If you can excuse that incredibly high price tag though you will quickly find out why Kingsbury is considered to be one of the best areas to live in.

10. Mogul

20 Best Places to Live in Nevada – Mogul

If you’re on the lookout for a calm and serene town to move into with your family then Mogul may very well be the best option for you due to its strong sense of belonging within the community and the really well-performing public schools that always appear to surpass expectations on the daily.

With a total population of 1,300 people, Mogul is also one of those places that just feels like home regardless of where you go. The people here are very friendly and very nice which is why more and more people have been moving in here as of late than ever before.

9. Boulder City

20 Best Places to Live in Nevada – Boulder City
Photo by Sarah Nichols / Wikipedia.org

Boulder City can be found resting safely on the outskirts of Lake Mead, around 45 minutes away from Las Vegas and about 20 away from Henderson which is always great to see.

This became one of the top places to live in way back in the day when the city had just been created for Hoover Dam workers.

Nowadays you will find this to be one of the most sought-after places to live in, especially so due to the strong economy, the plethora of outdoor recreational activities to take part in and of course, the almost perfect climate that we just couldn’t get enough of during our many visits here.

8. Reno

20 Best Places to Live in Nevada – Reno
Photo by US National Weather Service Reno Nevada / Facebook.com

Commonly referred to as “America’s Biggest Little City”, the city of Reno is definitely worth the price of admission since it offers you everything you could ever ask for and more.

We’re talking about a ton of different job opportunities for you to pick from, a lot of cheap houses that you could invest into and pretty much as many bars and restaurants as your money could buy you.

On top of that, you will be happy to hear that there are a ton of different public schools and kid-friendly activities for your family to take part in as they grow up.

7. Anthem

20 Best Places to Live in Nevada – Anthem
Photo by Anthem Country Club / Facebook.com

Anthem is an absolute treat of a town to live in as it is actually progressively easier and easier to find an affordable place to live in while here due to the many newly constructed houses for you to pick from.

This is a very good indicator of the fact that the city is on the rise as we speak, as more and more money has been poured into its growth and development which is always a great sign to say the least.

While the public schools here are not the best in the state, the communities here are extremely friendly and on top of that there are plenty of outdoor activities for you to partake in when you have the time for them.

6. Elko

20 Best Places to Live in Nevada – Elko
Photo by Elko, Nevada, USA / Facebook.com

Elko should definitely be at the top of your list as well, especially so if you are on the lookout for a more rural place to move into while in Nevada.

The thing that we couldn’t get enough of when we visited Elko was the fact that it is often times referred to as one of the best small towns to live in even though technically it is not all that small to begin with.

It may be smaller than a place like Reno or Las Vegas, but it still has a decently sized population of 20,000 or so happy residents, and while it may offer a plethora of different amenities for you to partake in, it also features some of the most affordable houses you’ll see in the state.

5. Henderson

20 Best Places to Live in Nevada – Henderson
Photo by City of Henderson Government / Facebook.com

You can find Henderson right next to Las Vegas, but what many people don’t realize is the fact that you don’t actually need to visit the neighbors to actually have fun here, you can instead enjoy the numerous different shopping centers and restaurants that Henderson has in store for you.

We would argue that Henderson is a top choice to say the least as this is also where you can find the District at Green Valley Ranch and of course, the massive Lion Habitat Ranch which is always worth a visit or two.

4. Incline Village

20 Best Places to Live in Nevada – Incline Village
Photo by Incline Village Lake Tahoe / Facebook.com

If you’re on the lookout for a more picturesque part of the state to move into then Incline Village may very well be the best choice for you. It is a literal paradise on earth, and if we were only talking about what it has to offer, the Incline Village would definitely be even higher up on our list by now.

The only real issue with it is the astronomical prices that you’ll come across here as the median house here will cost you as much as $1million and on top of that, living here as a whole will cost you 72 percent more than anywhere else in the country.

3. Enterprise

20 Best Places to Live in Nevada – Enterprise
Photo by Rmvisuals / Wikipedia.org

If you’re a millennial looking to move in with your people then you have got to check out Enterprise as there are well over 125,000 other likeminded individuals that have decided to call this place their home by now.

The typical house here is fairly affordable too, going for around $259,000 per a simple 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom home although we do expect the prices here to skyrocket soon enough due to the rising interest that we’ve spotted over the past couple of years now.

2. Winnemucca

20 Best Places to Live in Nevada – Winnemucca
Photo by Winnemucca Nevada / Facebook.com

This may be a fairly small town to live in but it does feature a very high median household income of $69,562 per year which may not sound like a lot, but when coupled with the typical house price of $190,562 it’s pretty easy to see why it’s so high up on our list.

Winnemucca is an excellent choice to say the least as it is both affordable and very much so great for any families to move into.

Take all of that in alongside the fact that this place features the lowest median rent in the state and you’ve got yourself quite a good deal to say the least.

1. Summerlin

20 Best Places to Live in Nevada – Summerlin
Photo by Rosa Adriana Flores / Facebook.com

Home to more than 100,000 residents as we speak, Summerlin tops our list for now as being one of the best places for you to live in while in Nevada and quite possibly in the entire US as well.

There is just too much going for Summerlin for it to not be so high up on our list either as the standard of living here is out of this world high and on top of that you can partake in anything you’d want to set your mind to here including hiking, biking and even baseball if that sounds more like your thing.

There are more than 120 shops and restaurants for you to visit during your spare time and while we’re on this subject, you just have to check out the local food here as it is just straight up out of this world.


20 Best Places to Live in Nevada – Summerlin
Photo by Rosa Adriana Flores / Facebook.com

Nevada truly is a special place to live in, which is why we just can’t get enough of it even after we’ve been there so many times already.

While we do wish we could move in permanently in Nevada, we can still say that we adore this state for all that it is and we highly recommend that everyone gives it a change as it really is worth the investment.

For not though we would like to thank you for reading this far and we hope that we managed to direct you towards your new dream home with this article.

For more interesting places to live in, check out Nevada’s neighboring states: Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona and California.

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