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People visiting The Floating Piers, Lake Iseo, Italy. Photo Wolfgang Volz 2

You Can Walk On Water On This Floating Art Installation

Called The Floating Piers, this floating art installation by artist Christo allows people to walk on water in the Lombardy region of Italy. The 3 kilometers (2 miles) walkway is made from a waterproof nylon fabric. What’s really interesting about it…


75 Most Unique Front Doors From Around the World

Your front door is the first thing you see when you get home. It’s also the exterior element of your home you mostly interact with. So why not make it a unique front door? You know that feeling you have…


ApexKnit Tech Fabric Backpack By Herschel Supply

Herschel Supply is a Canadian accessories manufacturer, well known for their always in fashion products, such as backpacks, bags and other types of carryables. Only that, this time, they have actually outdid themselves. They put their ingenious minds to work…

I'd eat here, chill herre and work here. Problem is i'd do more than just that in this awesome kitchen!

Why This Wonderful Space is the Coolest Kitchen Ever

There is this concept of a cool kitchen. For many, including myself, it’s that space you see in movies and stories alike, perfectly equipped with no detail left to chance. But the idea can differ. To others, it is that…

This incredible design comes with shock-resistant, freeze-resistant, and dust-sealed.

Leica X-U. Your Rugged and Trustworthy Travel Partner

Welcome back to the world of Leica. The German optics and cameras manufacturer has presented Leica X-U, their first rugged underwater camera. One thing we have to admit about Leica is the fact that their lenses are the best. Walking…


Bended Reality Coffee Table by Mousarris

We all remember the scene from Inception where Leornardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page are sharing a dream where they are walking on the street and the city of Paris bends and folds itself. This inspired Stelios Mousarris to design a…

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