Weekend Road Trip #1

Welcome to Weekend Road Trip, a series of posts filled with adventure-inducing photographs that should (and will) get you all excited about the weekend ahead. Why? Because there’s no such thing as the thrill of sitting on your couch and watching TV (except Netflix & chill maybe), but you surely …

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Wanderful village of Giethoorn

This Wonderful Village Has No Roads, Only Canals

Such a place exists indeed, in the Netherlands, and if you say you never heard of it, your imagination has already been there for sure. It’s called and is one of the most beautiful settlements in Europe, to say the least. The village is known as Venice of the Netherlands, …

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Electric-Blue Lava

This Indonesian Volcano Burns Electric-Blue Lava

Frech photographer took these amazing photos of an Indonesian volcano that spouts electric blue lava, without any photo filter or digital enhancement. Olivier Grunewald was shooting a documentary at Indonesia’s Kawah Ijen volcano while he managed to take these incredible snaps. While he didn’t use any special photo equipment, bare …

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Seth GlobePainter bulding painting in Reunion

Julien Malland’s Street Art Brings Life To Soulless Buildings

Born in Paris in 1972, Julien “Seth” Malland is a French artist traveling the world and creating playful street art wherever he goes. He took the nickname “Seth” when he began to paint on the walls of Paris in the early-90s, exploding his graffiti movement. Specializing in character production, Seth …

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Kanarra Creek Canyon, Utah, USA

These are The World’s Most Impressive Staircases

The staircase has always been in our minds, not only as a functional object, but also as something magical – just remember how many songs were dedicated to them! Some of the most beautiful stairs of the world can be found both in ordinary homes or in some of the …

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Bird Feeders, China

National Geographic’s Most Popular Photos of 2015

National Geographic published the most vivid pictures of 2015. The photos were taken by professionals and were not judged by competent jury but a selected audience – National Geographic visitors. The top includes images that have had the most views and comments in social networks. Each day, we bring you …

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Rice scape Mu Cang Chai  Vietnam

Mu Cang Chai Rice Terraces in Vietnam

The mind-blowing beauty and amazing scenery of Mu Cang Chai, a district in Vietnam, is what makes tourists and photographers come back every year.  Mu Cang Chai is located in the Northern part of Vietnam at 1000 meters above the sea level. Its terraced rice fields hold the most magnificent …

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